[Galician Language Tecnologies and Applications]

Language Resources on GitHub

Name Description
SLI_Galnet SLI Galnet, the Galician wordnet
SLI_Galician_DBpedia DBpedia data and DBpedia Spotlight for Galician language
SLI_Galician_Corpora Corpora for Galician language
SLI_GlossCorpus SLI mappings for the Princeton Annotated Gloss Corpus dataset
SLI_SemCor SLI mappings for SemCor dataset
SLI_OMSTI SLI mappings for OMSTI dataset
SLI_Termoteca Termoteca - multilingual terminological database
SLI_Senseval_SemEval SLI mappings for Senseval and SemEval datasets
digalnet Galnet Dictionary for Android | F-Droid
singal Galician Synonyms Dictionary for Android | F-Droid